While treatment assistance has been our main focus, we know that eating disorder research receives some of the lowest funding per diagnosed individual.  Eating disorders are vastly underfunded compared to other mental illnesses.  Schizophrenia, with a much lower mortality rate, receive approximately $68.24 per affected while eating disorders receive approximately $1.20 according to the National Institute of Health.  Research projects that we have funded include research on the treat-to-outcome method as well as effects of equine therapy on eating disorder treatment success.

We are excited about the prospect of improving treatment methods for eating disorders.  If you have a research project in mind, please get in touch with us.

The Process:  Our research grant program has a rolling deadline and requires a formal application and supporting documentation.  There is no set level of funding; funding levels vary from project to project and will be reviewed by our grant committee.  We will keep you updated throughout the process and you will receive an official letter once a final decision is made.

Want to raise the bar for eating disorder research funding? Click here to help us make it happen.

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