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Since 2006 our treatment assistance program has grown out of the passion of parents and supporters who saw their loved ones go through eating disorder  treatment.  While enjoying the success their loved ones were experiencing in treatment, they felt a desire to help others in a similar situation.  Through their generosity, we are able to assist those in need with the cost of treatment on the road to recovery.

 We are able to help with a wide variety of treatment costs associated with recovering from an eating disorder.  If you or someone you know is experiencing a financial obstacle on their journey to recovery, please contact us.

The Process: Our treatment assistance program has a rolling deadline because we recognize that financial situations can change abruptly, so we want to deliver help as soon as possible.  Our grants vary in size based on financial need, level of treatment required and several other guidelines.

A formal application is required along with supporting documentation (tax return, pay stubs, etc).  A signed release to speak with care providers is also necessary.  Once all of the information has been received, your request will be submitted to our grant review committee, who then make the final decision. We will keep you updated throughout the process and you will receive an official letter once a final decision is made.

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Avalon Hills Small Grant Stories

An example of a client who has utilized the Avalon Hills Foundation Small Grant Program is Sharon - a woman in her 50’s who is struggling with a restrictive eating disorder.  Sharon is also working on PTSD symptoms and is in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.  Due to her PTSD and mood disorder, Sharon is unable to work full time and receives disability benefits.  She has learned to be an incredible advocate for her mental health needs and sees a trauma specialist for psychotherapy, which is covered by Medicare.  Her therapist wanted her to get more support around the eating disorder and referred her to a provider.  Through the provider, she was able to have an assessment and group sessions.  Sharon has been a very active member in the group and reports that the group has been very supportive for her in her recovery.  Without the help of the Avalon Hills Foundation Small Grant Program scholarship, Sharon would not be able to benefit from eating disorder services.

Another example of the Avalon Hills Foundation’s Small Grant Program is Jackie.  Jackie reached out to us after she had been in and out of residential eating disorder treatment centers for three years. Throughout this time she was unable to maintain employment and eventually lost health insurance coverage.  Thankfully, dependent on her COBRA benefits, she completed a treatment program and was back at home.  She then realized that she  was unable to afford any ongoing care to prevent a relapse.  After she contacted Avalon Hills Foundation, we were able to provide a grant for her ongoing care to prevent a relapse as well as remain financially stable while she transitioned into her new career.

Word of Thanks from Providers:

“Thank you so much for all that Avalon Hills Foundation does and for awarding this grant to a truly deserving applicant.  In all my years of working in the field I am awed by the dedication of Avalon Hills and the Avalon Hills Foundation.   They are committed to helping clients receive appropriate treatment.”

“Thank you for all you do as well - In helping these young clients continue their road to recovery.”

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